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AM10 Humidifier & Fan White/Silver – Dyson


The hygienic humidifier with even room coverage

Accurate climate control
Measures temperature and humidity and adjusts accordingly to create a comfortable, hygienic environment.

Patented Air Multiplierâ„¢ technology
Distributes humidified air evenly, quickly and quietly across the whole room.

Dual function for year-round use
Delivers hygienic, even humidification in winter and high-velocity air to cool you in summer.

Remote control
Easy to use with precise airflow and humidity settings. Curved and magnetized to store neatly on top of the machine.

AM10 Humidifier & Fan Specifications
Weight: 7.8 lbs
Cord Length: 5.9ft
Total Height: 22.8 inches

Amp Diameter: 9.4 inches
Base Diameter/with Plate: 8.7 inches
Colorway: Iron/Blue

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