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Blue Satellite Wireless Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation


Satellite is all about bringing no-compromise audiophile sound to your daily life. Whether listening to streaming audio or digital remasters on your commute and at the office, or enjoying vinyl box sets at home, Satellite delivers iconic Blue studio sound wherever you go.
Power to the People

Given Blue’s heritage in recording studios, we know a proper amplifier is key to great sound quality. But until now, if you wanted great sound on the go, you had to buy a headphone amp separately and strap it to your phone. Not anymore. Satellite’s built-in all-analog audiophile amplifier brings out new detail in your music regardless of what device you are using. And it pairs beautifully with our proprietary 44mm drivers to deliver every detail of your music with clarity and punch. Blue are the only headphones in the world that have a built-in audiophile amp—consider it a gift to you and your music.

Product Highlights
44mm Dynamic Drivers
Over-Ear Design
Bluetooth-Enabled for Wireless Listening
Active Noise Cancellation
Built-In Amplifier
Headphones Foldable When Not in Use
Onboard Controls

Headphone Type Bluetooth wireless
Construction Over-ear, foldable
Drivers Dynamic
Driver Size 1.7″ / 44 mm
Noise Cancellation Active
Built-in Amplifier, controls

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