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Campfire Audio Vega


Vega combines a single 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond dynamic driver and a unique liquid metal alloy housing to flawlessly convey high fidelity music.
– World’s First 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond Dynamic Driver
– World’s First Liquid Alloy Metal Earphone Housing
– Highest sound conduction velocity of any IEM driver
– Premium Litz Wire cable; Silver-plated-Copper Conductors

Pure Hi-Fi
Integrating a custom 8.5mm non-crystalline Diamond transducer into a Liquid Alloy Metal enclosure is a powerful combination. The synergy here is pretty spectacular.

The Vega flawlessly conveys recorded sound–sparkling high frequency extension, slightly forward and engaging mids, and deep, powerful bass response. A sound, free from grain and harshness.
World’s First
Non-Crystalline Diamond Dynamic Driver

Campfire Audio is proud to be the first company to use a revolutionary breakthrough speaker technology implemented exclusively for in-ear monitors, a non-crystalline diamond dynamic driver.

Comfort First Design
The design of our new Liquid Alloy Metal line offers an easy to wear size and comfortable shape. The housing is extremely durable and ready to stand up to demanding daily use.

5Hz–22 kHz
Frequency Range
102 dB SPL/mW
17.5 Ohms @ 1kHz

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