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Handmade Leather Scrabble Set – Geoffrey Parker Design


The much-loved family board game, Scrabble is given the luxury treatment by Geoffrey Parker’s team of master craftsmen.
Made of hand-inlaid cherry red leather with a raised nickel grid for the leather letters, this Scrabble set stands head and shoulders above the ordinary cardboard-and-wood variety.

Cherry red inlaid leather Scrabble set.
Handmade and made to order (4-10 weeks to receive). This product is returnable if it is defected.
Raised nickel grid
Leather letters with felt storage bag
4 leather letter racks
Board is set on a scalloped sided plinth with built-in lazy Susan turntable
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 8.7 inches/77 x 77 x 22 cm

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