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3-in-1 Anti-taches, Anti dark spots, Anti-rides, Anti wrinkles, Anti-Redness

In order to fight against these multifactorial phenomenona, Talika has created and developed a multi-action skincare technology to combat the signs of time on all fronts: LIGHT DUO+®, the new Talika Light, to act on deep wrinkles and dark spots while soothing the skin.Talika has again, pushed the limits of cosmetics and opened up the way to a “High-Tech Home Treatment” approach to younger-looking skin. For the first time, Talika combines a powerful anti-aging multi-program light into one single device.

TALIKA Light DUO+® is the third generation of the original Light DUO®, a marvel of technology that answers all skin perfecting expectations; anti-aging, anti-dark spots and now anti-redness and imperfections thanks to 630 (red), 590 (orange) and 525 wavelengths.

Light 630® Anti-Redness
Skin Smoother emits 630nm wavelength that helps reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production, increases collagen production and strengthens blood capillaries. Thus, redness, swelling and inflammation are reduced. Study shows that redness is reduced 66% instantly.

Light 590® Collagen Booster
Emits 590nm wavelength that has been proven to stimulate collagen production, repairing the skin from the inside. Treated areas appear smooth and toned as suppleness and elasticity are restored, while wrinkles and fine lines gradually disappear. Study shows that wrinkles are reduced 36% and skin tone is improved by 33% in 28 days.

Light 525® Skin Lightener
Emits 525nm wavelength which targets pigmentation. Spots and dark patches on treated areas are dispersed and new spots are prevented from forming as melanocyte production is stabilized. Skin appears clearer and more even with consistent use. Study shows that pigmentation is reduced by 30.3% in 30 days and 46% in 60 days.

TALIKA Light DUO+® can be combined with your preferred cream, ionotherapy and micro-vibrations to ensure maximum penetration of actives into the skin.

How to use:
Option A
Light Treatment
Select light (left button), click on start (right button) and hold the device 2-3cm from your face. Use each light as indicated per area.

Option B
Light Treatment with Ionotherapy & Micro-Vibration
Select light (left button), click on start (right button) and place the device on your skin (with or without skincare product). Use each light as indicated per area. Ionotherapy & Micro-Vibration will automatically start when the device is placed on your skin.

Light 590®: 45 seconds, use once per day per area
Light 525®: 1 minute, use once twice per day per area
Light 630®: 1 minute, use once twice per day per area

After 28 days of independent test:
Light 590® collagen booster (Anti-Aging)
– 36% in depth and size of wrinkles
+ 33% in skin tonicity

After 60 days of independent test:
Light 525® skin lightener (Whitening)
– 46% pigmentation in 60 days

Instantly of independent test:
Light 630® Anti-Redness,
Skin Smoother
– 66% redness instantly