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Tria SmoothBeauty™ Laser


Younger-looking skin in 12 weeks!
Until Now, the benefits of the SmoothBeauty™ Laser could only be achieved with a series of dermatologist treatments. Visibly restore the natural luminosity of your entire face and smooth hard-to-treat wrinkles for a more youthful, radiant and refreshed look in as little as 2 weeks.

The beauty innovation that’s light years ahead
The SmoothBeauty™ Laser promotes a natural collagen renewal process that dramatically reduces the look of key signs of aging. In as little as 2 weeks, you’ll achieve an astonishingly radiant looking complexion all on your own, without makeup.

Enhancing Results with age defining skincare
Tria’s SmoothBeauty™ Laser has sophisticated safety features similar to professional in-office treatments for optimal results, every time

Professional technology at home, at last!
The SmoothBeauty™ Laser is built to safely and gently treat multiple signs of facial aging in the home.

Pretty brilliant
Proven through dermatologist-led clinical studies, the SmoothBeauty™ Laser is FDA-cleared. It’s safe and effective for use on the entire face, on all skin tones and ethnicities.

FDA-cleared. Total confidence
Perfected by Tria, the experts in light-based at-home skincare, the SmoothBeauty™ Laser is the only FDA-cleared at-home fractional non-ablative technology currently available for use on your entire face. It’s safe to use on the forehead, cheeks and around the eyes.

How the SmoothBeauty™ Laser works
Treats skin from within
Beams of light penetrate the skin to create microscopic zones of cellular disruption. The skin feels warm, but the surface is left undisturbed.
Stimulates natural healing
The body’s natural healing process springs to action, working to rapidly heal the treated areas by stimulating collagen production.
Rebuilds new collagen
As new collagen forms, fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections are naturally sloughed away.

Easy to Use
Step 1: Cleanse
Wash your skin to remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen and other products that can block the laser beam. For best results, use the Priming Cleanser.
Step 2: Treat
Select your level (1-3). Glide the SmoothBeauty™ Laser over your entire face for full wrinkle and texture fighting benefits
Step 3: Nourish
Follow your treatment with a hydrating serum. The Finishing Serum is specially formulated to soothe, hydrate, brighten and protect the skin from aging free radicals.